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Allergic to Mascara?

I'm not sure that's really true: I'm not allergic to anything as far as I know, but every time I dress fully with make-up I get really red eyes. I do know that as soon as I apply mascara my eyes water a bit. Perhaps it's the brand I use (I think it's a Rimmel product)
At the moment my right eye is really sore after last Tuesday's outing en-femme. I think I got some curry powder in it from rubbing my slightly sore eye while cooking later on...
Maybe I'll lay off the mascara for a while: perhaps it's time to experiment with false lashes?

Men's bits

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Photos en femme

I was trying  to get some decent  photos today of me dressed, but the only camera I have around is on my Android. The rear camera is good - takes nice pictures - but I can't pose myself in front of it, even using the timer. So I tried using the front camera, and while it's great for composing the shot and getting a look I want, it's much lower resolution and can't handle the lighting levels properly. gaah!

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